Insulation Blowing Machine

Machines for pneumatic transportation of insulating materials

Insulation Blowing Machine

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Established in 1990, the TEREX Michał Kamiński Company has been on the market for more than twenty years. In response to the needs of the construction market for many yers the Company has been actively operating in an important sector belonging to the above market, i.e. the broadly understood insulations.

Our leading specialty is the manufacture of machines for pneumatic transportation of insulating materials and machines for wet spray application of thermal, fire and sound insulating layers. We also offer services in the area of buildings’ thermal performance improvement by applying insulation using a blow-in method, as well as in the area of wet spray application of fire and thermal protecting layers on metal, concrete, ferroconcrete and other types of structures. Using exclusively the machines of our own design and manufacture, we are able to continuously improve them to the maximum possible extent and adjust to the ever-changing needs of customers.

Insulation Blowing Machines

Our machines area characterised by high efficiency and output, as well as excellent reliability. Our market offer includes units with various power ratings and sizes, driven by electric motors or IC engines.

The units type ADW 2003, ADW 2005, and ADW 2010 are designed for pneumatic transportation of fiberglass wool (e.g. Isover Gulull and Superglas; Guardian Loftguard and Ursa Granulat; Knauf Thermolan and Supafil); rock wool (e.g. Paroc BLT 5, BLT 7 and BLT 9; Rockwool Granrock); wood wool (e.g. Steico Zell); cellulose fibres (e.g. Isofloc F, Ekovata, Termex, Ekofiber, Isocell), foamed polystyrene granulate and other materials.

The ADW 2012 and 2012HD units are designed for wet-spray application of fire, thermal and sound insulating materials (like Dossolan 2000S, Dossolan 3000, Thermique, Thermogran, Granterm, Tecwool, SonaSpray and Isotherm) manufactured by various companies.

The ADW Pony unit is specially designed for blow-in and wet-spray application of cellulose-based materials in wooden buildings.

We manufacture machines upon an individual order depending on the needs of the customer.

Insulation Blowing Machine


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